Our Story

Auntie’s Sweets is a Confection Obsessions-owned company. The owner began her love of baking as a small child under the tutelage of her mother and grandmother. As a teenager Auntie Amina worked as a front-end manager at the Upper Crust Bakery. She would spend all her free time in the back, learning French baking techniques.

In 2006 Auntie Amina began Confection Obsessions, an online bakery with a high-end product line focusing on wedding cakes and catering for special occasions. For the past three years she has worked in a commercial bakery doing large scale production.

Today she is returning to what she loves, preparing small batches of handcrafted baked goods using fresh wholesome ingredients.

Auntie Amina bakes with all the love and attention she devotes to preparing goodies for her twenty-plus nieces and nephews. Treats from the heart.